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    Purnia division is an administrative geographical unit of Bihar state of India. Purnia is the administrative headquarter of the division. The division consists of Purnia district, Katihar district, Araria district, and Kishanganj district.


    The earliest inhabitants of the district are supposed to have been Anas to the west and Pundras to the east. The former are generally grouped with the Bengal tribes in the epics and formed the easternmost tribes known to the Aryans during the time of the Atharva-samhita. The latter are closed among the most degraded classes of men in the Aitarya-brahmana. But it is also stated that they were descendants of the sage Vishwamitra that would seem to imply that they had Aryan blood, though degraded…

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    Divisional Commissioner
    Divisional Commissioner Purnea Shri Gorakhnath , IAS


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